Fireflies: because swimming isn’t the only thing that can be synchronized

I know, I know, it’s not very punny. But this year I got to visit the fireflies twice! (These photos are from the first trip. I’m very lucky to have friends who follow me up on my shenanigans!) While I don’t have any photos of the fireflies themselves, Brooke and I had a little fun along the trail.

This is the kind of thing that happens when your best friend is a biologist. Note to all: When playing Qwelf with Brooke avoid animal topics. YOU. WILL. LOSE.

While this is a recreation, Congaree park is home to the tallest known specimens of at least 15 different trees!

One of the staff people was nice enough to take this photo of us. On our way to the trail! The staff people were incredibly knowledgeable and friendly.

One item down, a few more to go. Hopefully, I’ll cross one or two more things off the list before next week!

Did you go see the fireflies? Got something I should add to the bucket list? Tell me what your thinking in the comments below!

Love and Light,


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