Time to leave, not yet ready to go–A bucket list

Columbia is and will always be home. The people. The sights. The sounds. The community that’s been behind me every step of the way. There are so many incredible things about home that I know cannot be emulated or duplicated anywhere. And yet, my time here is coming to a close. In April I finally decided on a law school. I’ll be attending Tulane in the fall! But before I go, there are a couple things on my Soda City Bucket List. I’ll be telling the story of my adventures here on my blog, but to follow the adventures in real-time, find me on Twitter and Snapchat @KarliJanay! Got something I should add to my bucket list? Want to do something on the bucket list with me? Leave a note in the comments!

From Soda City To Crescent City_ A Bucket List

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