I am not a poet, but here’s a little poetry

I like to write and like lots of people, I find writing cathartic. So This piece is reflective. Let me know what you think! I started this piece right after Michael Brown was killed. Unfortunately, there will always be more names.

Every time I turn on the tv, every time I pick up the paper,

every time I turn on my radio

the story is the same.

The pictures never change

Headline: Another black man slain

another brother, cousin, uncle to live on in perpetual fame,

and I can’t help but hear the names of those whose lives were taken in more of

the same violent ways.

Grant. Boyd. Grey. Wilson. Martin. Rice. McBride. Garner. Brown. Scott.

Feel free to add your name to the list

mine too

every time another senseless death occurs in the name of justice I die a little bit

And just as luck would have it, then the jury says acquit even though my eyes

can see that the story does not fit.

But you can’t testify when you’ve been permanently silenced

when a bag of skittles is a weapon

the universal sign for surrender

an invitation to kill.

There is no defense strong enough when your skin color is reasonable suspicion.

It’s the same discriminatory song, this is not a new rendition

it’s an American tradition

to find new definitions for the words we think too harsh

No one wants to be called a racist

but it doesn’t matter what we call you

the behavior hasn’t changed

and i know hatred when i see it.

the truth remains unchanged

and though the shackles are gone away,

our minds remain restrained

our freedom bound and chained

and we’re all looking for the key.



As always, feel free to send me articles, thoughts, questions, topics, or your best square dance routine.


Yours in Activism,

Karli Janay

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